About Us

2013 International Dent Olympic Champion

Our business was started to meet the need for quality paintless dent repair work in the upstate area.

Each of our technicians was factory trained at BMW and have 29 years collective experience.  After working in a factory for years, Shane Jacks started Dent Pro as a side business. After seeing a great need in certain neglected sectors of the market, Shane quit the corporate world and began pushing the business full time.  Dent Pro’s name was changed to Dent Pro Upstate, LLC in 2008.

We are Paintless Dent Repair technicians with a passion for making your car like new again.  Our expertise in repair techniques and tooling combined with our skill means we can repair small, medium, and even large damage that other PDR companies will not attempt.

We have worked on thousands of hail damaged vehicles in the upstate.  Over 250 in 2011 alone.  We specialize in small to medium size dent repairs, but as can be seen in our pictures, we can and will do larger damage.

IMG_0152Wait in our cozy customer lounge while your car is being serviced.
We offer free wifi access and complementary beverages for you to enjoy while we take care of your repair.