Carl Bugg
“I have a magnificent car, a 2011 Acura MDX. I have not had it long, and someone kicked the door in. There was quite a large compressed area, and these guys (Dent Pro Upstate) fixed it to like brand new. I am very grateful. Thanks a bunch.”

John Langley
“I have been doing paint and body work for over 27 years. My brother and I have seen a lot of dent guys come and go, but none like these guys. I know what to look for in body work, and most everything they do is flawless. And that is hard to say coming from a body guy. We recommend all of our customers who need PDR work to go to them. Shane and Buddy are awesome dent guys.”

Cheryl Dobbins
“We have a z3 that got damaged when the hailstorms passed through this summer. I was worried that the insurance company wrote a really low estimate. Those guys told me not to worry, to bring the car in and leave it, that they would take care of the rest. They did as promised, and now our z is like new.”

Sherry Henline
“I have a 350 Z that received some pretty ugly damage on one of the rear fenders. The dent was right across the body line, and was creased. I wasn’t sure it could be repaired, but Shane assured me it would be ok. He told me it would come out 80 to 90 %, but I think it came out better than that. Only thing is, the scratch is still there. Overall, very happy with Dent Pro Upstate’s work.”

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